Renate Gruber 2017



Wettbewerb L. Fritz Gruber Preis der Universität zu Köln 2017

Einsendeschluss:      30. April 2017
Preisverleihung:       27. July  2017



"Renate Gruberr erinnert", 20 features about famous Photographers from the Gruber Collection

Renate's personal retrospective on artiststs she met is about to be completed. All features can be found here. All 20 contributions are labeled "Fotografen, Freundschaften und die einzigartige Sammlung Gruber: Renate Gruber erinnert sich"
Episode #21 is Renate's homage on L.Fritz. Guber

January 2017, QVEST published an interview with Renate Gruber.

Photo: Martin Schoberer

Januray issue of QVEST Magazine addresses "Köln, der Stil einer Stadt - the most kept secrets". Renate Gruber talks about Cologne as Capital of Photography, Photokina and the Gruber Collection in Museum Ludwig. The section "Hidden Places" shows the  L-Fritz-Gruber-Square in the centre of Cologne.

02 January 2017

New Year's reception at Gruber's residence was the first annual event in 2017.