Renate Gruber 2014



Photowettbewerb der Universität zu Köln:  L. Fritz Gruber-Preis 2015

Thema: Ich und Andere im Kosmos der Universität

         Einsendeschluss 20. Mai 2015


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 22 September  2014, Kölner Stadtanzeiger: Kölner Architekturpreis 2014 an den L.-Fritz-Gruber-Platz vergeben 

Kölner Architekturpreis 2014 für drei Wohnbauten, eine Kirche und den L.-Fritz-Gruber-Platz.

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22 September  2014, "THE LEGEND CONTINUES"
Renate Gruber is featured in the movie "The legend continues", presented at the opening of Photoszene-Festival Cologne

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19 August 2014, celebration of the birthday of photography at PhotoBookMuseum

Daguerreotype technique has been bought by French goverment as a generous gift to the world. After the law has been approved by Paris Chamber on July 30, Dominique Francois Arago described on August 19, 1839 to Paris Academy of Science the details of photographic processes of Nièpce and Daguerre.

The PhotoBookMuseum in Cologne is the first museum in the world that is dedicated to the medium of the photobook in all its facets. For the initial phase of The PhotoBookMuseum, the Photoszene Köln and the Cologne foundation will be presenting an international expo at the Carlswerk in Cologne-Mülheim from the 19th of August. On this day will be celebrated the 175th "anniversary of photography".

Renate Gruber

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Renate Gruber is holding the first edition of the Photoszene Magazine “L. Fritz”.

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19 August 2014,  Renate's feature on the WDR5 Radio Station with Ralph         Erdenberger:  175 years – the history of photography 1839-2014


 Renate at WDR5

You can follow the podcast on WDR5

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19 August 2014,  opening of a private show: L. Fritz Gruber and his Leicas at House Gruber


19 August 2014, opening of a private show: L. Fritz Gruber and his Leicas at House Gruber

The Leica installation is on display at Gruber’s Residence.

In May 1914 the first Leica camera came into service. LFG used to work with his Leica from the 1920s on. Renate Gruber attended the exhibition “Eyes wide open! 100 years of Leica photography” at Hamburg Deichtorhallen on 24th October. On 15th September Renate Gruber welcomed the managment of the Deichtorhallen and about 50 guests of the Photoworld Cologne at House Gruber in honor of the forthcoming Leica exhibition and the Photo-Triennale 2015 in Hamburg.


Leica Show



21 February 2014, Renate contributes to the Photography Expert Seminar, Istanbul/TR


Renate Gruber gave a lecture in  İstanbul Fotoğraf Müzesi, Istanbul during the seminar organized in conjunction with Hans-Jürgen Raabe exhibition  "990 Faces", showing 240 pieces of his epic show.

read the "Istanbul Statements" announced as the conclusion of the seminar



February 2014, Celebration of DGPh Prize in Berlin,  'Berlinischen Galerie'.


Prof. Dr. Gottfried Jäger is this year’s laureate.


DGPh Kulturpreis 2014
form the left:

Regina Schmeken, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Salomonpreisträgerin 1996
Prof. Dr. Gottfried Jäger, Universität Bielefeld , Kulturpreisträger 2014
Prof. Barbara Klemm, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Salomonpreisträgerin 1989
Prof. Klaus Honnef, Publizist, Kulturpreisträger 2011
Renate Gruber with part two of “Zeitprofile“ by DGPh
Mogens S. Koch, Denmark, Kulturpreisträger 2003


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