Renate Gruber 2013


19 August  2013,  the honorary guests celebrate the birthday of photograpry at Renate Gruber's residence


On August 19, 1839 - 160 years ago - photography was officially anounnced.

Daguerreotype technique has been bought by French goverment as a generous gift to the world. After the law has been approved by Paris Chamber on July 30, Dominique Francois Arago described on August 19, 1839 to Paris Academy of Science the details of photographic processes of Niepce and Daguerre.

17. Juli  2013,  L.Fritz Gruber Preis, University of  Cologne Photocompetition


The winners of the competition will be announced and the exhibition will be opened at the premises of the Institute of Art and History of Art, Gronewaldstrasse 2, 50931 Cologne



20 March  2013,  Renate Gruber contributed to the feature for the Alfred Biolek's 80th birthday


Production Ms. Maisberger, the Crew: Hendrik Fritzler, interviewer, Jan Kerhart, cameramann


See the production


19 and 23 February 2013,  Man Ray und Fritz Gruber


"Eine Freundschaft zwischen Köln und Paris", feature on West ART magazine on WDR TV
19 February 2013, 22:30 - 23:10 and  23 February 2013, 08:50 - 09:30.




31 January  2013,   Man Ray und Fritz Gruber


Feature "Fotokunst und Freundschaft - Die Man-Ray-Sammlung von Renate und Fritz Gruber im Museum Ludwig"

Moderated by Stefanie Junker on WDR 5 SCALA.


                                here you can hear it again


Freytag-Zimmer in the museum of the City of Minden


Freytag-Zimmer, displaying the history of Freytag family of L. Fritz Gruber friend Charles Fraser, is part of permanent exhibition in Mindener Museum, Minden/DE. Due to the reconstruction in Minden, Freytag-Zimmer can now be seen in the "Rheinische Textilmuseum" in the City of Rattingen/DE as a part of  Cromford Manor House.

Several photographs made by LFG can be seen there



PATRIMONIA is a periodical published by the German federal "Kulturstiftung der Länder". Volume 364 is published on the occasion of the acquisition of Grubers' Man Ray Collection by Museum Ludwig. Prof. Georg Quander, Dr. Philip Kaiser and Prof. Dr. Bodo von Dewitz contributed to the publication. Interwiew with Renate Gruber closes the volume.


Copies of PATRIMONIA can be ordered here