Renate Gruber 2011

22 July  2011        Renate's great friend, Roxanne Lowit opens her show in Cologne

She has photographed thousands of personalities from the worlds of fashion, art, theater, film, and society like Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Yves Saint-Laurent, Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson, and George Clooney ...

more from  Roxanne's WEB   and  Kaune, Sudendorf Gallery for Contemporary Photography


18  July  2011        Renate is celebrating her 75th birthday

special report from Hopper and Grubers Residence will follow here 


30  June  2011        L.F. Gruber Photocompetition: Fruchtbare Augenblicke | Furchtbare Augenblicke

the winners of the 2010/2011 competition were announced and the prizes have benn awarded to the top competitors by Renate Gruber and the members of the jury

Gruber Competition        more...


27 February  2011        Artists cooking ... Renate and Bettina in Linldar

Renate, Bettina & Alfred Biolek

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