April 18th  2001
German broadcast remembers on 50th anniversary of German Photographic Society (DGPh). LFG talks on his initiative which led to founding of Society in 1951, one year after the famous PHOTOKINA has been for the first time organized in Cologne.

April 20th  2001

German Photographic Society (DGPh) pays homage to Robert Goerlinger, The Mayor of Cologne who announced the founding of DGPh on April 20th 1951 during the Photokina.

Commemoration took place on Melatener Cementary in Cologne


August 19th  2001

International guests celebrate the 162nd Anniversary of Photography at Grubers Residence in Cologne.


September  14th  2001

WDR-2 Television showed the film documentation "Photo de Cologne" by Joachim Schroeder  featured by Juergen Klauke, L.Fritz Gruber and David Hockney.


November  24th  2001

LFG adressed the General Assembly of German Photographic Society during 50th Anniversary Convention. He repeated the speech he gave in front of the same Society fifty years ago and won standing ovations from audience in Guerzenich Hall.

December 6th 2001

Together with Gerhard Richter and Heinrich Lohmer, LFG put his name into City of Cologne Memorial Book. Lord Mayor of the City and more then 300 invited guests took part in this ceremony and following reception in Piazetta of Mayor Hall. 

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