March 19th  2000
public finisage of the  exhibition:   "Augenblick und Endlichkeit"   ("Moment and Finity") from of the Gruber Collection - a retrospective of the 20th Century in Museum Ludwig, Cologne .

Great public attendance - including friends, media representatives and photographers, together with Renate and L.F.Gruber had a farewell view of the exhibition.

 April 2000

Renate and L.F.Gruber paid an visit to Vienna/Austria over the Easter Holidays.

The main purpose was to meet with the Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Schad, the son of famous artist Christan Schad (1894-1982). He was the first artist who already in 1919 produced creative photograms ( now in the Museum of Modern Art, New York).

Renate and L.F.Gruber, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Schad and Ms. Anna Auer, curator and art historian, had an extensive exchange about the "Schadographs" and the book/catalogue: "Schadographien - Die Kraft des Lichts" ( Dietmar Klinger Verlag, ISBN 3-932949-05-6 ) where L.F.Gruber contributed his personal memories and encounters with Christian Schad and his wife Bettina in the early 60-ties. Portrait of the artist taken by L.F.Gruber is also reproduced in the book.

"Es geschieht ganz selten und ist eine Sternstunde des Schöpferischen, daß ein Künstler einen völlig neuen Ausdruck des Gestaltens findet. Das ist das Stichwort für die Photogramme von Christian Schad..."

quotation from the intoduction by L.F.G.

 May   2000

Frank Horvat stayed at Gruber's residence  when opening  at  gallery "in focus" , Cologne on May 5th.

September 19th  2000

Gallery City of Cologne (Galerie Stadt  Köln) showed blown-up Dieter Röseler's portrait of LFG which is displayed on the tower of MediaPark  in Cologne.

September 23rd  2000

Interview has been published in Handelsblatt 

( Photos by A. Basta)

September 23rd  2000

LFG spoke a keynote address at the EFSI/DGPh  Symposium  "Quo Vadis  - Photography in Science and Medicine"  during the Photokina 2000.

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