February 10, 1999
International Center of Photography in New York announced that L. Fritz Gruber has been honoured with a Special Infinity Award for Advancement in Photography Internationally. The prize will be presented in Berlin during a special ceremony hosted by the DG Bank on the occasion of the opening of their new building, designed by Frank Gehry in the Fall '99. This was announced by Willis Hartshorn, director of the ICP, N.Y.
March 5, 1999
The Photographic Society of Japan announced that L.Fritz Gruber has been honoured with the 1999 Photographic Society of Japan's International Award. This was announced by Minoru Ohnishi, chairman of The Photographic Society of Japan . The official ceremony has taken place on June 1st, in the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Since Mr. and Mrs. Gruber will be in Venice at that time, for the preview of The Art Bienale, also celebrating their 40th wedding aniversary on June 5 and L. Fritz Gruber's 91st birthday on June 7, the German Ambassador in Japan has accepted the Insignia of the Award and has conveyed them to Cologne.
June 7, 1999
L. Fritz Gruber celebrated his 91st birthday in Venice
July 29, 1999
At a small ceremony in"Deutsche Sporthochschule" Cologne, (German Sport University), LFG was honored by Dean Prof. Tokarski, Chancelor Prof. Quanz and Head of Archive Borgers with a compilation which documented Grubers' endeavours between 1952 and 1972 to incorporate photography into the Olympic Art Competitions.
August 19, 1999
On August 19, 1839 - 160 years ago - photography was officially anounnced.

Daguerreotype technique has been bought by French goverment as a generous gift to the world. After the law has been approved by Paris Chamber on July 30, Dominique Francois Arago described on August 19, 1839 to Paris Academy of Science the details of photographic processes of Niepce and Daguerre.

The same day, a small celebration took place at Grubers' residence in Cologne .

September 17, 1999
Transformations - Photo Group Studio Stage of University of Cologne opened the show  with large size  portrait of LFG over the main university entrance ( part of Internationale Photoscene Köln 1999 ).
November 12, 1999
Press conference at  Academie der Kuenste in Berlin  on behalf of ICP 1999 Special Infinity Award for the Advancement of Photography Internationally.
LFG, Luminita Sabau (DG Bank ), Willis Hartshorn (ICP), Manfred Heiting  ( Deutsches Zentum fuer Photographie und Bildkunst, Berlin) were present.
November 14, 1999
ICP  1999 Special Infinity Award for the Advancement of Photography Internationally  was  presented  to LFG  at Academie der Kuenste in Berlin.
Laudatio:  Manfred Heiting.
November 26, 1999:
Renate, LFG  and Dr. Reinhold Misselbeck , (Curator Photography of 20th Century and Video at Museum Ludwig, Cologne) opened the exhibition: "Augenblick und Endlichkeit" ("Moment and Finity") from of the Gruber Collection - a retrospective of the century.

Museum Ludwig, Cologne (until March 2000).

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